Saturday, 23 February 2013

Kate Nash, The Strokes & Primal Scream Single Reviews

After the snooze-a-thon that was the BRITs 2013 we are in desperate need of a musical shot in the arm, so it’s back to the coal face in the hope…actually, just in hope.

Kate Nash - 3am

Kate strikes a blow for strong women here with an altogether predictable take on the break-up song.

You are the one I think of all the night and all the night it feels so right.                                                                   
 I miss your arms, the way you kiss me, the way you pull me in so tight.                                                                               
 It makes me sick the way we fight, but I want you so bad tonight, yeah baby “  

So the machine gun delivery of lyrics straight from the back pages of an exercise book are sure to strike a note with any teenage girl nursing their first broken heart, but what of the music? For our two-penneth worth the melody is not of the calibre we’ve come to expect from Miss Nash. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it’s rather like a Housemartins cast off with the needle stuck in the groove. If you’re feeling down in the dumps Kate, my advice is to put down the ice cream and listen to Kirsty MacColl’s ‘Free World’, I did and I feel much better now.

The Strokes – All The Time

There had been murmurings of discontent in some quarters that The Strokes had lost their way somewhat, straying a little too far from the path of righteousness. Thankfully, it seems last year’s Christmas crackers (along with the novelty ring and spinning top) delivered that all important compass to go with the best of A Ha album left under the New Yorkers’ tree.

If you’re fans of the ‘Is This It’ era, you’ll be glad to hear that the boys have used said compass to navigate their way from the kitchen, with all those experimental ingredients, back to their spiritual home of the garage.  ‘All The Time’ is The Strokes getting back to basics. The guitars are dirty, melodies strong and Casablancas’ vocal sounds great. If you’re lucky enough to own a convertible the chorus will have you dropping the roof and demanding the sunshine. For the rest of you, you’ll just have to be content that in wading in at under three minutes you’ll be reaching for the repeat button soon enough.

Primal Scream - 2013

I first heard this song as a set opener thundering from a PA in Heaton Park whilst on Stone Roses reviewing duties, the Scream of course were supporting. I’m sure (unsurprisingly) it was then called 2012 and clocked in at the business end of nine minutes, this then is clearly the radio edit.

In truth the hatchet job for commercial radio has done the song no favours. It somehow detracts by confining the songs power; in short, the full length version has bigger balls and sharper teeth. That said, in comparison to the impotence on offer at the annual industry back-slapping carousal it’s a breath of fresh air.

Over contorted trumpet and a discord of phased guitars, Gillespie’s politicised rhetoric works up a sweat, and fans of 2000’s ‘XTRMNTR’ may once again be in business.  There’s certain to be a few wordsmiths and cynics who cry “hackneyed” and in itself that only means they’re missing the point.

If I could change one thing, it would be to have had this song written and performed by some young guns prior to accepting the BRIT for best British breakthrough act from David Joseph. I mean; surely it’s the job of 50 year olds to f*#k up the world, not try in put it to rights. Come on kids; pull your bloody fingers out.

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