Monday, 12 November 2012

Peace - Palma Violets - Dinosaur Jr - Spector (Single Reviews)

PEACE  - Bloodshake

The intro to ‘Bloodshake’ is booming out of Twister Towers’ office speakers as I enter the room, all breezy riffs and syncopated African-esque rhythms. In a heartbeat I leap to the conclusion that it’s a new offering from Little Comets, a second later the Maccabees, Vampire weekend and so on. In truth, ‘Bloodshake’ has neither the rhythmical nous of the Comets, the structural or vocal class of The Maccabees or immediacy of Vampire Weekend.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not an awful record, it’s just unlikely to usurp many of their peers standings in the popularity stakes. It’s a little like having an Athena poster of tennis girl scratching her arse gracing your wall as opposed to Titian’s serves a purpose but the novelty is certain to lose its shine given time.

Palma Violets - Best of Friends c/w Last of the Summer Wine (Rough Trade}

If you’re so inclined and can afford to read the NME these days you’re sure to have come across the Palma Violets. If you've been looking for anyone from the mag itself, they can be found on all fours kissing each and every arse of the aforementioned London based quartet. 

It’s with no little surprise then that band have finally managed to release their debut after signing to Rough Trade in May of this year. There has been after all, some concern that the band may have been crushed under the weight of the ever growing hype.

So what’s all the fuss about, well let’s start with comparisons. The Libertines, Ramones, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Vaccines, The Clash and Jesus & the Marychain are among just a few of names being touted. They are references that in some cases have merit, whilst others are simply deluded. Strangely though, there’s no mention of 60’s psych pop, which is surely where those guitar sounds at the songs core lay.

So on the innovation scale it seems the metre reading is quite low, but does it really matter? Well, probably not. As with most bands it will sooner rather than later boil down to the quality of the songs. Best of Friends and Last of the Summer Wine both have their charms, but not enough to have me dragging my house down to the bookies just yet.

The fact is, it’s too early to tell if the band is going to matter this time next year let-alone in ten years’ time, where in true Libertines fashion the NME retrospective may or may not be on the cards. The album will drop sometime next year (probably spring), and that along with touring and festival shows will give us a far better idea. For now we suggest you just enjoy it for what it is.

Dinosaur Jr – Pierce the Morning Rain

Mascis and co return with the pre-cursor to their third album since the band’s reformation in 2005, and fans of Jr’s brand of slacker rock ‘n’ roll will not be disappointed.  The boys have done little to stray from the path of familiarity; indeed ‘Pierce the Morning Rain’ could comfortably sit alongside old favourites such as ‘No Bones’ or the ever popular ‘Freak Scene’. So safe is this current offering It’s as if Mascis has taken the latter’s lyric “Don’t let me f**k up will you, cause when I need a friend it’s still you” quite literally.

Spector – Friday Night (Don’t Ever Let It End)

“The honeymoon was over, before the wedding had begun”, Friday Night’s opening sortie, and a lyric we genuinely hope doesn’t get stuck in Fred Macpherson’s throat. Coupled with the debut album christened ‘Enjoy It While It Lasts’ you really get the sense that Spector rarely leave the house without a white flag or a throwing towel just in case.

Here at Twister Towers our early enthusiasm for the band stalled after catching three unconvincing shows littered with technical woes and sloppy workmanship, all in the space of a few months. As for Friday Night, it’s more of the same jaunty indie shenanigans and the last of the obvious singles off the album. That said it’s not quite in the same league as ‘Chevy Thunder’, ‘Celestine’ or ‘Never Fade Away’. From here on in the album is built for Christmas, with stocking fillers for all the family, so new material will be needed if the boys are to keep the ball in the air.

Now, I don’t want you to get us wrong, there’s plenty to like about Spector if only the whole circus didn't seem so forced and in your face. So where does that leave us then? Well, they've almost certainly done enough to warrant a second album , but you do get the feeling that its’ release will signal if it’s to be never fade away or the honeymoon is over.  Our verdict; we still need convincing  

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